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Bernd Siegmund GmbH - recognized world leader in high-precision welding tables, tooling and welding accessories with 30-years history of production and innovation. A wide model range allows you to find the optimal solution for tasks in various industries.

System 16 Is focused on implementation of filigree work on assembly and welding of lightweight structures. Compact and lightweight tools and jigs are mostly convenient for operating and quick changeovers.

Hole diameter: 16 mm

Hole spacing (top plate): 50 mm

Hole spacing (side wall): 25 mm

Grid spacing: 50 mm

Side wall height: 100 mm

Material thickness: 12 mm



System 22 Adsorbed advantages of Systems 16 and 28. This is the best option for production with a wide range of mass-dimensional characteristics of the welded workpieces.

Hole diameter: 22 mm

Hole spacing (top plate): 100 mm

Hole spacing (side wall): 50 mm

Grid spacing: 100 mm

Side wall height: 150 mm

Material thickness: 17-19 mm


System 28 Line of tables and accessories with highest loading capacity for extremely heavy and big workpieces.

Hole diameter: 28 mm

Hole spacing (top plate): 100 mm

Hole spacing (side wall): 50 mm

Grid spacing: 100 mm

Side wall height: 200 mm

Material thickness: 25 mm

The nomenclature includes three series:

Basic - standard version of table. Made of steel S355J2+N.

Professional - to increase the strenght and durability the working surfaces of the table are plasma-nitrided.

Professional Extreme - top of the line. Siegmund company developed and improved for it's Extreme-version tables special Siegmund 8.7 and 8.7 alloys, belonging to the category with through-hardened tool steels with nitriding. This version is designed to work with very heavy workpieces.

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