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The DP10.1-1HH series positioners with one working area and three axises are designed to increase speed and improve the quality of product by ensuring the convenience of personnel performing operations on the parts and structures being processed by positioning them in space along three axes:

- Linear movement along the vertical axis (lift)

- Rotation around the horizontal axis (hand rotation)

- Rotation of the mounting plate


The model range of DP10 positioners is used to equip new and modernize existing production lines for processing, welding, painting, assembling metal and other structures.



The standard series is represented by models for working with structures in a wide range of weight and size characteristics (250 - 15000 kg).

Options are possible according to the level of technical equipment - manual control from the operator's console, control with adjustable rotational speed of the axes, as well as automated positioning at a predetermined position using servo drives.

The flexibility of solutions and adaptation to the requirements of the Customer is ensured by the presence of versions of STANDARD, ERGO, LUX, as well as specialized.

Equipment, production technology and quality control comply with European standards. Reliability is guaranteed by the development experience of German engineers and operations in enterprises around the world.



Positioners of the DP10.1-1HH series in accordance with the requirements of the Customer can be equipped with optional and non-standard equipment:


- Non-standard length of arm (console);

- Mounting plate specially constructed (custom shapes, with specialized fastening devices, etc.);

- Additional electrical insulation of the mounting plate;

- Built-in welding current circuit (rotating current connection device, cables and pads);

- Current connector for unlimited turning angle of the arm and the mounting plate;

- Output of hydraulic or pneumatic connections to the mounting plate.



General view of positioners DP10.1-1HH with a loading capacity of 250-3000 kg


General view of positioners DP10.1-1HH with a loading capacity of 4000-15000 kg